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Michelle contributes to MindBodyGreen

As an amazing example of what LuminosiTEES believes in, I just recently reached a goal of following my passion for writing and sharing with others by becoming a contributor on MindBodyGreen.  Woohooo!  We at LuminosiTEES are so excited to share that with our community. Rock on!

First of all, if you haven’t yet, CHECK OUT MindBodyGreen.  If you didn’t already know about them, they are literally amazing!  I constantly find them inspiring.  Whether it be encouraging my yoga practice, my diet, my overall health, or my personal pursuits, passions…it’s all there!  It’s an amazing example of the wide reach of “wellness” writing that is out there.  And it’s always positive, which, of course, we LOVE.  MindBodyGreen posts short articles constantly. I promise you’ll find something there definitely worth reading…if not too much!  Start with one article…it’ll lead to so much more!  And it will always bring encouragement, positivity, and light into your life.

For my first article (which, by the way, I just literally squealed about while reading in my office…”it’s actually ON THE SITE! and I have a  BIO PAGE!!!  and it says i’m a CONTRIBUTOR!!!!”), I wrote about the power of positive affirmations in my life.  Of course, very fitting considering my current pursuits with LuminosiTEES.  ;-) It was amazing to write and reaffirm the fact that LuminosiTEES is a company that I truly, 100%, believe in.  Not only are we talking about the power of positive thought and empowered living, but I’m actually LIVING that also.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not always easy to stay positive, to surrender, to accept all life throws at you.  But, it sure is fun :-)

with love,


check out the post here!

and check out my “contributor” page here.  yeeeaaaaah!

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LuminosiTEES joins TruHarmony Yoga for their two year anniversary

TruHarmony Yoga has been servin’ up hot and powerful yoga in Chicago for TWO YEARS!  And, to celebrate, LuminosiTEES collaborated on a tee special to the Tru community, first made available at their rockin’ two year anniversary party last Friday, March 11th.  Teachers, students, and supporters alike got to celebrate this worthy event while enjoying some amazing and entertaining shows, including music from  Whysowhite, dance by Rebecca Niziol and Amanda Nora, a poetry reading by yoga instructor and writer Danielle Robinson, and comedy show by Funny Bones Improv.  Yet again, we at LuminosiTEES sit in awe of the amazing community TruHarmony Yoga has created.  Thank you so much for including us in the event, and for the past two years of wonderful yoga!

TruHarmony’s LuminosiTEES are available for purchase at the studio or on our website.  Click here to buy your tee!  And remember, LuminosiTEES is all about embodying your passion.  So, as you wear your TruHarmony tee, be reminded of that you are HOT, you are POWERFUL, and you are YOGA!  Embody your love for yoga, and gratitude for TruHarmony’s community that inspires us all to live a healthier, happier, and more fulfilled life.  Rock your positivity!

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LuminosiTEES joined TruHarmony for Detox/Retox

LuminosiTEES joined TruHarmony Yoga for their recent Detox/Retox event.  What an amazing night!  Yogis who practice next to each other all the time finally got to meet and greet while in class and afterwards for a night on the town.  The student who learned the most names won a free LuminosiTEE, “truly blissed” and “breathe”.  Saweeeeet!

What an amazing night and amazing community!  We’re so honored to be a part of TruHarmony’s wonderful studio.  Thanks Tru!



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